Before buying a bowling ball, some information should be obtained to avoid a bad buy. A bowling ball test is just the thing in this case because the most important details of the product are presented. Only after you study these product details carefully, you can make the right purchase decision. A bowling ball comparison is a detailed summary of the features and benefits of a product that provides an objective image, making it much easier to buy a bowling ball. With the exact description, you can clearly assess the quality and robustness and thus save money.

Important criteria when buying a bowling ball:

Before you buy a new bowling ball, there are a few things you should consider. It is recommended that you make a bowling ball comparison before buying a bowling ball in order to get an overview of several important points, which we will also introduce in the following text.


The weight of the ball

The choice of the ball is the first step. The ball should be neither too heavy nor too light. Bowling with a ball that is too heavy causes the shoulders to be pulled down, in addition, the weight has a negative effect on the balance.

Tip: Just try a few balls in peace to find the right weight.

The weight of the balls is given in pounds (pounds sterling), 1 lb. Corresponds to 0.45359237 kg. An 11er-ball weighs 4.99 kg.


The right grip

In addition to the weight, the right grip is also important. With the right grip, the ball is held without effort by the thumb and middle and ring fingers.

Too tight a grip causes the fingers to cramp, finger and hand tire quickly. Too much grip will strain the hand and negatively affect the control of the ball. In both cases, the ball can only be controlled insufficiently.
Again, try it!


Pick up a ball

In order to properly pick up the ball, one should always make sure that the fingers being played touch only the holes if possible, not the ball. If the ball has to be turned to position the holes correctly, the other hand should do so to be used. Why? The bowling balls pick up the oil that is on the track and with oil-smeared fingers, you can easily slip off. When picking up the ball from the ball return, you should be careful not to pinch your fingers! Fingers between two colliding balls can hurt a lot …

Quality – A key criterion when buying a bowling ball is certainly the quality of the product. Check the most important aspects that indicate the life of the product. When comparing bowling balls, look for manufacturers who have made a name for themselves over the years. In most cases, the brand name is a certain guarantee of quality. However, this is not always 100 percent the case, on the other hand, unknown manufacturers can also provide just as good quality. Therefore, compare the different options and features of the product from several manufacturers before you make a final decision.

Personal needs – To know what you need to consider when testing a bowling ball, you should define your own needs. If, for example, you have a tight budget, read the customer reviews of the more budget-friendly products in the Bowling Ball Comparison. If the price doesn’t matter as much to you, look for product details that indicate quality and durability during the bowling ball test.

Customer reviews – Customers who have already purchased and tested the desired bowling ball model often write objective reviews that you can read when comparing bowling balls. Use the experiences of other customers to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the product. However, you have to consider that different customer have different demands on bowling balls. That’s why you have to read the ratings of other customers as carefully as possible. This is the only way to get a real overview.

Hidden costs – After an extensive research about the bowling ball now the shipping comes to the turn. First it should be a reliable dispatch, because nobody wants to get a product delivered with damages. But the dispatch should not only be safe, but also not too expensive. Particularly with a tight budget this point is also important. When buying a bowling ball, pay attention to possible hidden shipping costs. If you are not in a hurry, you can accept a longer delivery time and thus save further costs.

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