Many people have trouble making it to the gym. Having to deal with kids, work, appointments and other day to day responsibilities can put a workout on the back burner. When this happens, we slowly forget exercise, things start to jiggle, and before you know it the tight abs are gone and your favorite pair of jeans no longer fits. However, this doesn’t need to happen because the gym is not the only place you can exercise.

Workout DVDs are an extremely effective way of keeping your body fit without actually making a trip to the gym. So, why should you consider getting one? Here are five benefits of workout DVDs.

1. They are convenient

Family commitment and a busy schedule leave little time for exercise, let alone time to travel lack to and from the gym. This makes the workout DVDs a great option for people who want to lose weight without leaving home.

The best thing is that you can use them anytime, day or night, at any place in your house or compound. You don’t have to worry about bad weather, getting stuck in traffic or even finding a babysitter for your children.

2. They are pocket-friendly

Buying gym equipment can be very expensive. With time, you may even get bored easily and end up buying more equipment to vary your routines. Joining a gym isn’t cheap either; some gyms require members to commit to 6-12 month subscriptions. Aside from this, getting to the gym involves travel. This uses gas, which eventually adds to the cost.

However, buying workout DVDs can be a much cheaper alternative. They are inexpensive and you can use them as often as you can. Some of these DVDs may require basic fitness tools such as jump ropes, weights and exercise balls. All these are relatively inexpensive compared to the price of a gym membership.

3. They provide varieties

Doing the same exercise over and over again can become boring after a while. Workout DVDs provide a variety that other forms of exercise lack. There are DVDs for everything, from HIIT cardio, to Zumba and Yoga. If you want to lose belly fat, there is a DVD for that, if you want to increase the size of your chest, there is a DVD for that and if you don’t like the size of your arms, there is DVD to help you fix you that.

If you get bored with one workout, then you can have a variety of them and rotate to keep your fitness program interesting.

4. Privacy

Since you don’t have to go the gym, workout DVDs provide you the privacy you need. You can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable without having to worry about how others see your body.

Apart from this, the privacy gives you the freedom to do whatever you want; you can fail at things and not feel embarrassed, you can take a longer water break and you add a little dance between the squats. After all, no one is judging you.

5. Hygiene

The equipment and space you choose to use for the workout belongs to just you and/or a few family members. This means, the floor and equipment aren’t covered with germs, because it’s all yours.

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about anyone’s sweat except your own and once you are done, you can hop into your own personal shower and use your favorite bath products, without having to wait in line.

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